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Wo der Krieg wohnt/Where War is at Home
feld für kunst
Madeleine Dewald, Markus Dorfmüller, Karin Haenlein, Oliver Lammert
5:50 min

In 2008 the International Maritime Museum opened its gates in Hamburg. The private Museum is supported by the City of Hamburg. The Museum contains the private collection of Peter Tamm´s military and maritime souvenirs. Mr. Tamm was executive director of the Springer Printhouse from 1968 – 1991. The Collection exhibited in the new museum is by all means conservative, militaristic and reactionary. As we found it unbearable that this museum opened in Hamburg and is sponsored by the City of Hamburg, we organized a program of three performances in public space and four lectures on the topics of militarism and colonialism.

The Film „wo der krieg wohnt“ was part of a performance in front of the townhall of Hamburg, where we attacked all the companies involved in the production of armament in Hamburg.
The program was curated by Madeleine Dewald, Markus Dorfmüller and Karin Haenlein.
The Film was developed and produced together with Oliver Lammert.

Feld für kunst was founded in 2004 in Hamburg by a group of artists. In the first three years feld für kunst used temporarily unused premises to exhibit off scene art in different group exhibitions. The main aim is to dispute art in the social sphere of society.
In 2007 feld für kunst took part in the first edition of holy damn it.